Damien Hirst

The art world, and particularly how we foster and develop it in Britain, is in a period of crisis. And if you haven't noticed that, then it's a worrying testament to the way we debate and celebrate the creative processes in this country.
Damien Hirst's controversial statue of a naked, pregnant woman wielding a sword has taken her place on a Devon seafront. The
A collection of artists as diverse as those involved with the new AKA Peace exhibition should be used to handling unusual
Tate Modern's Damien Hirst exhibition smashed records to become the most popular solo show in the gallery's history, it announced
Damien Hirst's plan to decorate a small seaside town with a 65ft-high statue of a naked pregnant woman has gone one step
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I thought I knew Damien Hirst. The one who puts dead animals in formaldehyde. Made a skull of diamonds. Did some things with coloured dots. Made me think: "Modern art? Rubbish. Anyone could do that." Well, turns out I was wrong. The current Tate Modern retrospective has changed my mind - and made me something of a fan in the process.
A 66ft (20m) statue of a pregnant woman by the artist Damien Hirst could become a new landmark in a historic seaside town
Artist Damien Hirst and his longterm live-in partner have separated after she left him for a former mercenary. Hirst and
When Damien Hirst unleashed his diamond-encrusted skull onto an unsuspecting public in 2007, most of us gasped in horror