Facial recognition system

Vaccine passports or immunity passports are making headlines, early proposals include tracking people who have been vaccinated by apps with some using facial recognition software. The passports could be used to access public venues and travel to different countries.
The decision comes amid nationwide scrutiny of police powers following the killing of George Floyd.
Tom Morello, Speedy Ortiz and Amanda Palmer have joined a list of major artists who want to ban facial recognition at concerts. The campaign, launched by digital-rights group Fight For The Future, says such technology will put “undocumented fans, fans of color, trans fans, and fans with criminal records at risk of being unjustly detained, harassed, or judged.”
Civil liberties group Big Brother Watch has described the use of the technology as an "epidemic".
The Metropolitan Police have just completed a trial of live facial recognition technology. MPs and activists say it’s use is legally unregulated and could falsely identify innocent citizens. Facial recognition technology is already widely used, from unlocking your phone to tagging your friends in photos. The Rundown spoke to Silkie Carlo from Big Brother Watch about why they’re challenging the use of the technology in the UK.
"A cyber war against Chinese artificial intelligence."
Campaigners have branded facial recognition technology as invasive and inaccurate. They say it is a tool for mass surveillance and disastrous policing and are calling for an overhaul of the technology. However, police say it is an invaluable tool for criminal investigations.
It comes after a man was filmed being stopped and fined for covering his face as he passed a facial recognition van.
Participate in all the memes you want, but do it with some awareness that almost everything you share online is being used by the companies that host these social networks
As ever-more invasive technology develops, it’s more important than ever that we’re consulted on the tools police use
Chinese authorities have arrested a man after the country’s advanced facial recognition technology spotted him within a huge concert crowd.