The placenta is the gatekeeper for a foetus, allowing a mother's nutrients to pass in one direction while waste passes back into the mother's bloodstream. It produces hormones to encourage foetal growth and offers protection against most bacteria, although not against viruses.
Groundbreaking technology is being used to create 3D models of unborn babies, that parents can interact with using virtual
A model's photo of her baby bump has gone viral, as people claim they can see the outline of her "unborn baby". Former Brazilian
Doctors in Ireland have been granted permission to switch off a life support machine keeping a clinically-dead woman alive
Foetuses aborted and miscarried in British Columbia are among medical waste reportedly incinerated in a plant powering Oregon
A 40-year-old foetus has been found inside the body of an elderly woman experiencing abdominal pains. The 82-year-old was
Are you amongst the small number of parents who are thinking about what is still an unusual and some might say repugnant practice of helping reduce the risk of post-natal depression and increase your 'happy' hormones? ... There is a growing trend for placentophagy - the act of mammals eating the placenta.
A Republican congressman from Texas has voiced his opposition to abortion as early as 15 weeks after conception – because
Looking like the gently pulsing contents of a lava lamp or the various angles of an ancient gargoyle, this video actually