London's FTSE 100 Index powered ahead to its highest level for nearly a year as Bank of England boss Mark Carney signalled
Britain's leading share index, the FTSE 100, marks its 30th anniversary today as forecasts suggest it will soar to record
EasyJet has joined the upper echelons of share trading after it soared into the FTSE100 index on Wednesday afternoon. The
Presumably Bob Diamond, the former Barclays boss, was touched to see his daughter speak up for him on Twitter the other day. But it's not clear that her more profane comments (look them up) were entirely helpful.
Can you recall a single thing about John Major other than he ate peas and tucked his shirts into his underwear? Well, remember this: you gave £1.7 million to just three ex-PM's in the past five years, people who are not known to be in dire need of a state handout, and he was one of them.
Mr. Osborne, Britain's Chancellor, stood in the House of Commons (August 11, 2011), full of pride, to announce to the nation that "Britain is a safe haven for investors". I, for one, am not impressed, nor do I expect most of the British people are, as they struggle to survive the hardships created by the "moneymen" with their casino-type capitalism.