We should celebrate the incredible achievements of people who are not afraid to step up and try something new. People who notice something lacking in their area and instead of grumbling about it, roll up their sleeves and do something proactive.
You may recognise Neil Westwood from an early episode of Dragons' Den – inspired by his work as a hospital trainer, he developed
When you start out you don't know about training or how to get publicity for your company, or how to infiltrate business networks. Because I know what it's like to be in that position, I can guide others who are now where I was when I first took the plunge.
At a time when extra financial resources to achieve more outcomes are unlikely to be forthcoming, making the resources we have work harder and more effectively is a must.
You've Googled until there were no more links to follow and you couldn't think of any more search terms, asked everyone you know, read through pages of other organisations' financial accounts, you've even contacted the local council; how on earth do you get your hands on funding?
The key mistake start-up businesses make is underestimating how long it takes for customers to pay them, according to serial
It's ironic that Team GB's amazing hoard of gold and other Olympic medals has come at just the time when the Coalition government's austerity measures are set to devastate the future of sports funding in Britain.
A row broke out on Friday over potential changes to education funding amid concerns it could restrict the number of A-levels
RNOH Redevelopment Appeal Film from Edmond Terakopian on Vimeo. A documentary film shot over nine months, on the work carried
Last week I found myself speaking out against the government's Big Society Capital launch. Not because I wish to stand in the way of new funding mechanisms but because I know from experience what it takes to make a charity a viable, investable prospect.