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We have to admit: there's very little in life that makes us happier than the sight of a dog on a trampoline - particularly
There's something for everyone in this week's top 10 viral video round-up. Oh, yes. Like animals? We've got a lazy dog and
In the red corner, we have a cute little pup. And in the blue corner? It's... er... a bowl. Ladies and gentlemen, let this
We've got cats. We've got babies. We've got babies laughing at cats. Plus Bill Murray, crying kids and Julian Assange. Yes
Know what sets us apart from the animals? It's the fact that we know our bottoms are attached to us, and therefore part of
While the official title of this YouTube video is 'Dog loses staring contest with owner', we have to say that a) 'staring
Welcome to this week's top 10 round-up of the funniest, silliest and most popular virals to hit the interweb. Kicking off
Had a stressful week? Fancy letting it all out with a good old bellow? We absolutely guarantee you'll start shouting at the
We don't know the name of this little pup - but we have to say, we admire his style. The story in a nutshell? Big Dog eats
As you may have noticed, we're very easily pleased. And our day has just been significantly brightened by this video - unearthed