Gary Kemp

“I wasn’t approached and would not have anything to do with it. I’m done," Tony said.
Gary Kemp reveals he’s far more emotional now walking out on stage with his Spandau Ballet bandmates than back in the day
Martin Kemp (left) succeeded in bringing Gary Kemp back in touch with his estranged bandmates Of the five, Gary and Tony’s
Spandau Ballet bandmates have been releasing pictures of themselves, hard at work in the studio on what will be their first
In between all the barely-there dresses, Manolo heels and undisputed glitterdust of the A-list stars crowding the red carpet
“He’s very talented, he’s a perfectionist, he doesn’t let anything slip through,” says Martin Kemp of his latest co-star
Jude Law's ex-wife Sadie Frost has downplayed her recent arrest on suspicion of assaulting her boyfriend, insisting the story
Of course, they'll suffer the ageist jokes, but Doom and Gloom is the best Rolling Stones single for years, if not ever.
I am the Soho Hobo, I was born to spin a hustle, it took time to find my mojo, but I found it on the Dean St shuffle. No I can't stop this excursion, it's in my family roots. My granddaddy filled the Revue Deville, my mother was a teenage nude.
"Chuffed to bits," is how Gary Kemp feels with the realisation that a song he wrote when he was barely out of short trousers
Adele has continued her triumphant reign of this year's music awards by picking up another two gongs at the Ivor Novello
Training turns cycling into a job of work; something earnest, painful; it eases our guilt - and oh boy, am I guilty! My wife and I have just increased our brood of young children to three, and chamois-creaming my crotch while she's soothing the baby's nappy rash just doesn't seem right.