06/07/2020 13:17 BST

Tony Hadley Hits Out At Spandau Ballet's Kemp Brothers Over Mockumentary

“I wasn’t approached and would not have anything to do with it. I’m done," Tony said.

Tony Hadley has hit out at former Spandau Ballet bandmates, Martin and Gary Kemp, over their recent mockumentary. 

The brothers appeared in the one-off BBC Two spoof show Kemps: All True on Sunday night, and a defaced picture of Tony featured in one scene. 

The singer – who left the band in 2017 – was left less than impressed at the show, telling The Sun: “I wasn’t approached and would not have anything to do with it. I’m done.

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP
Tony Hadley

“They want me back for good but it ain’t going to happen. I’d rather be happy on my own than be in that band again.”

He added: “If they want another lead singer, that’s their choice. But if you want to hear those songs sung by the original singer then you can only really see one bloke — and that’s me.”

Gary and Martin Kemp 

When Tony quit Spandau Ballet three years ago, he cited “circumstances beyond his control” as the reason behind his decision.

The band later said in their own statement that Tony had “made it clear in September 2016 that he didn’t want to work with the band any more,” and recruited a new frontman Ross William Wild. 

After Ross then quit the band in 2019, Spandau confirmed they were not planning to tour again without Tony. 

Members of Spandau Ballet, from left, Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp, Tony Hadley, Steve Norman and John Keeble in 2014

Just last week, Martin expressed his wish for Tony to return to the band, telling Smooth Radio: “I’m always up for it. It’s a really weird thing. Sometimes— it’s about ego a lot of the time. You know, it’s people getting over arguments.

“I would do it tomorrow, because I know how many people want to see it out there. And that gives me a buzz. But trying to get everyone to do it tomorrow is difficult.

“But the way things are at the moment – Spandau, you know, we’re very volatile. We’re best friends when we’re together, and we’re not when we’re apart. Trying to get us together is so difficult. Too many things have happened, and too many things have been said over the years that makes it so difficult nowadays.”