Spandau Ballet

“I wasn’t approached and would not have anything to do with it. I’m done," Tony said.
The Spandau Ballet star and actor on how therapy helped him through "the darkest depression".
Spandau Ballet have confirmed that Tony Hadley’s departure does not mean the end for the band, admitting their “frustration
Admittedly, some of them were not great:  And finally - Spandau fans, cover your eyes - some people were confused to hear
Tim Arnold, singer songwriter and founder of Save Soho Music venues: what exactly is the fuss all about? Well, almost 2 years
'I'm A Celebrity' contestant Tony Hadley will be entering this year's jungle with his children's warning ringing in his ears
Gary Kemp reveals he’s far more emotional now walking out on stage with his Spandau Ballet bandmates than back in the day
Spandau bassist Martin Kemp, fondly remembered by EastEnders fans as the dashing gangster Steve Owen last seen blown to bits in a car explosion before handing off an infant to nemesis Phil Mitchell, shared some tidbits in his hotel lobby a few hours before taking the Beacon Theatre stage.
Martyn Ware – he of Human League and Heaven 17 fame – believes we can thank one thing for the enduring popularity of eighties
Steve Strange was laid to rest today, with pallbearers including Spandau Ballet bandmates and Boy George It was a "deliberately
A true superstar knows how to make a late entrance “He was a superstar in 1984, and Bob phoned him and said, ‘Where are you
Martin Kemp (left) succeeded in bringing Gary Kemp back in touch with his estranged bandmates Of the five, Gary and Tony’s
The good news - Spandau Ballet's documentary 'Soul Boys of the Western World' will receive its premiere at London's Royal
Spandau Ballet bandmates have been releasing pictures of themselves, hard at work in the studio on what will be their first
In between all the barely-there dresses, Manolo heels and undisputed glitterdust of the A-list stars crowding the red carpet
“He’s very talented, he’s a perfectionist, he doesn’t let anything slip through,” says Martin Kemp of his latest co-star
Of course, they'll suffer the ageist jokes, but Doom and Gloom is the best Rolling Stones single for years, if not ever.
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