"Sandwich generation" caregivers talk about how to help kids understand a relative's diagnosis.
Alicia Eaton, psychotherapist and children's emotional wellbeing expert, explains how to handle these conversations with care.
"Today I able to take a half day and this weekend I plan on doing nothing. This seems to be a problem."
Demographic shifts may mean changing roles for grandparents within family networks.
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You may think this kind of language is harmless, but therapists say it's best to avoid it.
"You still have the energy to do all the good stuff and I’m still sharp enough to have fun with them."
Favouritism can play out in gift-giving and lopsided praise for grandchildren. Here's how to ask your parents or parents-in-law to treat each kid fairly.
"My first grandson was about two when he watched the Disney movie Cars. After that he started calling me, his grandmother, Mack."