Small groups of close friends and family could gather for first time in six weeks, Scottish government and Downing St suggests.
Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte shook hands with an expert on stage - immediately after ordering an end to all handshaking. At the conference on the virus, Rutte realised his mistake and went on to touch elbows with the director of the centre for infectious disease control.
Mark Rutte had said people in the Netherlands could "do a foot kiss, bump elbows, whatever you want".
Lincolnshire Police are trying to speak to people who may have witnessed the incidents.
It’s a been a while, but it’s back with a vengeance. On his visit to Asia, President Donald Trump’s bizarre handshake returned.
Another day, another weird attempt by Donald Trump to assert his authority using an unnecessarily aggressive greeting. Not
Communicating and connecting, cross-culturally and across borders and boundaries, is what keeps us human and moving forward. Division, hate, disrespect due to differences, tears us apart and moves us back, into darker times, taking us down the rabbit hole which ends we know not where. In the end, this kind of negative trajectory affects everyone negatively; even Presidents .
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held his own With The Donald's YANK.
Tossing you up to stomach-churning heights, it's as quick to turn around and peg you in your place just when you feel you've got it, that you're a part of it , that every lesson life has taught you up to this point has merely been a means for preparing you for the daily jostle.
First the Queen visits the Republic of Ireland, speaks Irish and then she surprises us once again and goes a step farther by going to Northern Ireland and shaking hands with Martin McGuinness.
When the Queen shakes the hand of Martin McGuinness in Northern Ireland it will mark a significant moment in history. While
Luis Suarez may have made a lot of enemies after refusing to shake hands with Manchester United's Patrice Evra - but it looks
At the weekend, Liverpool footballer and all round douchebag Luis Suarez refused to shake the hand of Manchester United footballer Patrice Evra. What makes this rather childish refusal even more ludicrous is that it was Suarez who was in the wrong in the first place!
Sepp Blatter managed to horrify all supporters of the Kick Racism Out campaign by launching his own Kick Racism Back In campaign. Surely no right-minded individual could go along with his belief that racist abuse on the field could be solved by a simple handshake after the game