Donald Trump's Handshake Reaches Whole New Levels Of Bizarre


Another day, another weird attempt by Donald Trump to assert his authority using an unnecessarily aggressive greeting.

Not content with nearly dislocating the shoulder of France’s First Lady yesterday...

... he today set about engaging in his most bizarre handshake to date.

Séquence serrages de mains toniques pour les deux couples présidentiels. 🤝 #14juillet

— franceinfo (@franceinfo) July 14, 2017

Let’s dissect this...

1) That’s a fine start, nice movement and a reassuring pat to boot.

2) OK, we’re only six seconds into 51 second clip and not only has this already passed the acceptable threshold of handshake length but Trump has nearly knocked the President of France off his feet.

3) Trump looks to the sky and in a moment of inspiration brings the handshake up high to mimic the big open blue. Or something.

4) No one shakes hands side-to-side. No one.

5) What’s this???!!! Like an unwelcome rumour of collusion it’s spreading! There are now three people involved in the handshake, two helpless as they’re involuntarily pulled into a Trump sandwich.

6) Finally, it ends.

Wait. What are you doing Brigitte?! Don’t shake Melania’s hand YOU’LL GIVE HIM IDEAS!!!

7) Told you. Rumour has it it’s still happening.


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