Let this be a warning to any hecklers out there. You will be put in your place.
A brutal reality on the comedy industry is that many people are stuck with some sort of baseless view that women can't be
Ed Miliband was subject to a comically cruel heckle in Plymouth on Thursday in which a Labour supporter verbally chastised
Australians, on the whole, don't like surprises. Which, given that my entire art form is dependant upon invoking an involuntary response born of surprising the audience, makes my recent return a little bit of a trial by fire.
A note to anyone going to see Louis C.K. in London next week: don't heckle him. Even in a complimentary way. Why not? Well
I don't do stand up. I write sketches, jokes and send them on their merry way to various shows but I don't get that instant feedback of the comic, putting his or her reputation, and indeed life, on the line in front of a group of expectant strangers.