Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper's response to the president's Thanksgiving press conference has gone viral.
President Trump has repeatedly said the US has the COVID-19 crisis "under control."
Trump will do "irreparable harm" to the US if the man with the "attention span of a fruit fly" is reelected, the former national security adviser told Jake Tapper.
Donald Trump presumably doesn't question his wife's right to criticize her adopted country.
“You just want that to go viral,” Conway shot back.
The book is expected to present a dramatically different view from Michael Wolff’s explosive book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”.
“I think I have wasted enough of my viewers’ time,” said CNN's Jake Tapper to White House aide's Stephen Miller.
Yes, Muslims can be elected to US Congress. No, they don't have to swear on the Bible.
This is the awkward moment a spokesman for controversial American politician Roy Moore, who last night lost his bid for the