CNN Anchor Interrupts Live Hit From Israel For Republican News And Isn't Happy

Jake Tapper didn't hide his exasperation at cutting away to the latest development on the "utter clown car" of the House Republican speaker's race.

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday interrupted a broadcast from Israel on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to cover the latest development in what he described as the “utter clown car” of the House Republican speaker’s race.

“I’m covering life and death issues, serious tragedies, serious momentous occurrences here in Israel,” Tapper said live from Tel Aviv.

“And of course, we have to interrupt this for one moment to cover the complete and utter clown car that is the House Republican speaker’s race back in Washington, DC,” he added.

Tapper noted how Representative Tom Emmer’s (Republican, Minnesota) bid had imploded just four hours after Republicans nominated him for the role, following in the footsteps of Representatives Jim Jordan (Republican, Ohio) and Steve Scalise (Republican, Louisiana).

“Was Congressman Emmer too sane?” Tapper asked CNN colleague Manu Raju.

Later on Wednesday, House Republicans chose Representative Mike Johnson (Republican, Louisiana) as their latest candidate to replace Representative Kevin McCarthy (Republican, California) who was ousted three weeks ago.

Watch the video here:


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