Jimmy Tarbuck

The comedian has vowed to "try and beat it".
Nicola Adams has been forced to quit the show after her dance partner tested positive for coronavirus.
Sir Bruce Forsyth is still “frail” and his condition has been “very serious”, according to friend Jimmy Tarbuck.  The entertainer
The star spent five nights in intensive care earlier this month.
Christopher Biggins and Jimmy Tarbuck paid their own respects to Cilla Black, at her funeral on Thursday afternoon. READ
Veteran comedian Jimmy Tarbuck has been released without charge after he was arrested over historic allegations of sexual
There is nothing worse than being accused of something you didn't do. Well, there is. Being convicted of something you didn't do. But if members of the police force, left-leaning commentators and senior lawyers are to be believed, the worst thing right now is to be identified as a potential wrong-doer.
Well, that was a week of two halves. The first half being marked by Star Wars Day, the start of Clitoris Awareness Week (no
Paul O'Grady has spoken out about the current wave of famous faces being arrested over sex claims, saying the operation has