John Williams

The schoolgirl suffered "catastrophic" injuries, pathologist says.
Something has gone horribly, horribly wrong with the system
Just when we’ve come to terms with the CGI-infested, Jar Jar Binks-laden Phantom Menace, we’re treated to the equally disappointing
Watching the new Star Wars film, I was struck, beyond the music, how much like a symphony it is: a prospect hinted at the very outset propels us on a quest, luring us through many different moods and emotions, towards a climactic final reckoning.
Typical. You wait ages for two iconic movie scenes to be reworked without their musical accompaniment, and then two come
Jack the Ripper was a left-handed surgeon from Essex, claims a Uruguayan mathematician. Eduardo Cuitiño identifies Whitechapel
The RPO are a brilliant ensemble and the thought of hearing the Superman fanfare emanating from their brass section is tantalising. It's always been an annoyance to me that movie scores aren't accorded the same respect as "traditional" classical music.
Sir Anthony Hopkins found himself with a share of a Classic Brit Award after one of his compositions featured on the album
2011 brings in its wake a renewed infatuation with Steven Spielberg. All has been quiet on his directorial front since Indiana