Jon Cruddas

Figures from across the party join forces to back call.
There was a sober tone to Boris Johnson's and Michael Gove's response to David Cameron's announcement that he would step down after the EU Referendum, as well there should be, after the painful campaign we have had. What became apparent over the past few months, was that this referendum was a proxy, not for or against austerity or Cameron's government, but instead it was about what sort of country we wanted to be.
Jeremy Corbyn pictured upon his election as leader "Labour is losing its working class support and Ukip benefits," Cruddas
Labour could turn into a "Trotskyist tribute act" under Jeremy Corbyn as the leadership contest enters its last few hours
It wasn't being 'too left-wing' that did for Labour; it was the belief that, so far as it was desirable to fight on the economy at all, the objective had to be one of aping the Tories on 'fiscal responsibility', for which read deficit reduction for its own sake.
One should have thought that Jon Cruddas, who is known as an intellectual within the Labour Party, and the people working in the associated think tanks that support this report, know that their case is built on sand. While I usually applaud the use of data instead of political commentary, in this case it appears that existing patterns in the data have simply been (mis-)used to make a political point.
Labour's anti-austerity message cost it the general election, the party's MP leading a post-mortem into its defeat has warned
The arguments we have with our children, partners, siblings and parents, the daily niggles, the dishwasher left unstacked, the pile of towels on the bathroom floor, are meaningless in the face of their love.
The five things you need to know on Thursday June 25, 2015... 1) DINNERS WITH DAVE With fellow EU leaders distracted by Greece
Ed Miliband's policy coordinator has said it was "vital" that leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn be included in the Labour leadership