Kelly knox

Memorise these names: you will be seeing them more in 2018.
I wanted to bring this to life with a beautiful shoot that made a visual stand. Featuring twelve of the industry's hottest names (my most daring talent!) who represent a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, abilities, ages and ethnicities to show that big, small, curvy or lean EVERY body is beautiful
A moving homage to Paralympian Natasha Baker aka the 'Horse Whisperer'
Click through the gallery below to see all the looks from the Teatum Jones runway featuring oversized shirts, blouson sleeves
everybody banner In a vlog for Everybody, model and co-founder of Diversity Not Disability, Kelly Knox, talks about why she has never seen herself as being disabled. She says that even as a young child she knew that she was complete as a person, which informed her decision not to wear a prosthetic. Kelly wants to ensure that young disabled people embrace the skin they're in and feel empowered.
banner Disabled people enjoy clothes as much as any other human being. Disabled people are fashionable too. From a pair of high shoes, a tight fitted dress, a pop of bright coloured lipstick - to a designer handbag - fashion and beauty makes us feel good. When you feel good, you look good. Confidence is everything and we could all do with an extra boost of confidence. Fashion and beauty really is for every BODY.
"There has only been one job I've had so far that I've got from an open casting," said Knox. "For everything else my management