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Cancelling Donald Trump’s visit to Britain after his Muslim ban would give him a “taste of his own medicine”, an American
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The seas of politics are stormy and any boat, however well positioned, may find itself sunk by unexpected squalls. Nonetheless, if you are passing a bookie in the next day or two and fancy a flutter on the identity of the next Labour Prime Minister, Sadiq Khan is a name you should keep in mind.
The election of Sadiq Khan is a breath of fresh air in a political system plagued by neoliberal orthodoxy and corruption through private interests. While not the ideal candidate to nail down London as the land of Corbyn, his win, for the left, was certainly a triumph - of sorts.
Election results are the political equivalent of medical scans. They provide copious information while leaving plenty of scope for the commentators to decide what is important and what is not. Which of the results is a symptom of a tectonic movement? Which, on the other hand, merely shows that a candidate has irritated his or her supporters who have reacted by staying at home?
Each vote cast and each seat won will be marked on the balance sheet that will decide if, or when, either Cameron or Corbyn might be asked to step aside - for the good of their party, or for the good of the country.
There are many reasons which may make us vote for or against Mr Khan but these incidents from many years ago are surely not among them.
Amir Khan's shocking and brutal defeat by Danny Garcia in Las Vegas has left him facing suggestions he should retire. Talk