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Staff problems could become a greater risk than funding cuts.
'It is time for Government to take responsibility for this tragic situation'.
The Government has “urgent questions” to answer over whether the cuts to spending on drug treatment forced on councils by
Health Secretary hints he's asked Treasury for extra funds
Jeremy Hunt has admitted that the NHS needs more money and warned that this winter could be “very challenging” for the service
The end of June is an important date for the health and social care system. It is when 44 geographical areas, called 'footprints', are expected to submit their Sustainability and Transformation Plans or STPs.
The £700million 'winter crisis funding" the Government is throwing at the problem is too little, too late. It is intended to avert political embarrassment in the run up to the election. Sadly it's unlikely to have much impact on the conditions for patients or staff in our A&Es this winter.
Provision of social care in this country has been inadequate for a long time. Funding has been cut back to the bare bone and many older and disabled people are left struggling to cope.