'I was moved by what the girls I met in the sex trade had been through.'
In today’s world, human trafficking is a bleak reality. Kolkata, one of the largest city’s in India, is a global hub of forced
I even saw a new-born baby, probably only a few weeks old, lying on the cold ground next to the mother, who was fast asleep. Anyone could have taken this baby. It was frightening to see, to witness, to know that people must live like this just to survive.
The 90th anniversary of The Lascar Memorial in Calcutta, India takes place this month in 2014. Many people will not know who Lascars were or why they should be celebrated. By highlighting the anniversary of this Memorial, I will be able to shed some light on the sacrifices these brave men made for England.
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Kolkata's famous Eden Garden for a brief period looked like the Biblical Paradise on Wednesday. The thin crowd went back home happy because the god of Indian cricket, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, shrugged off his long stretch of poor form.
"I am haunted by the genitalia I saw on screen," my young teenage friend was referring to the full on fellatio scene in Gandu