Leon Trotsky

A new dance craze is sweeping Twitter after Tom Watson angered Jeremy Corbyn by warning that “Trotskyite entrists” were infiltrating
This touching video from Victoria, Australia tells the story of Leon the piglet. Born April 5 2014, Leon’s injured mother
Tony Blair, seen by some as one of the worst because of the so-called illegal and immoral war in Iraq, last week offered a stark analysis of Radical Islam, this century's "biggest threat to global security" on a par with environmental and economic challenges. The speech was derided by those who think that shouting warmonger suffices but merits close inspection.
One of the most infamous campaign adverts in American political history The Democrats painted Goldwater as a warmonger, who
As if losing Hitch on Thursday weren't awful enough, Havel and Kim Jong Il then hammered home the irrefutable fact of his passing by doing likewise, reminding us that Christopher's death means we'll never know precisely what he thinks of theirs.