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While Varoufakis questions the 'IQ' of the Brexit Dept
A senior Tory ally of David Cameron has suggested that Cabinet ministers and the public who back ‘Hard Brexit’ are “stupid
Forgetting even European decline, its importance to the UK is shrinking. In the last seventeen years, the proportion of UK goods going to the EU has dropped by 10% - not risen as you'd expect. The rate at which this is happening has also sped up since 2010, to 1% per year. Predictions suggest that this will continue until at least 2019.
The UK and David Cameron have everything to gain and nothing to lose from a temporary withdrawal, it would more than make up for the PM's dismal campaign to oppose Juncker and give his Eurosceptic backbenchers a bone to gnaw in the run up to May 2015. It's a no brainer really.
David Cameron's European commissioner appointment Lord Hill, who has been put in charge of financial services, has drawn
This is an important moment for the UK but it is even more important for the wider EU. The restructuring of the Commission to place an emphasis on action to develop economic growth is a real move forward. The UK must seize this opportunity to make a reality of its own reform agenda and work for the vast majority of British people who see reform and change in the EU, not defeat and exit, as the real prize.
The name raised a few eyebrows in Brussels when he was announced as the nominee for the UK's spot in the European Commission. Lord Jonathan Hill of Oareford, the leader of the House of Lords, is little known abroad and his appointment is far from guaranteed as he will be subjected to a careful vetting process over the coming months.
It is entirely true that many would have welcomed a big political figure such as William Hague to lead for Britain in Brussels but the Prime Minister decided on a different approach - one with an outstanding precedent. Lord Hill may be unknown but so was Lord Cockfield, possibly one of the most effective British Commissioners.
The five things you need to know on Wednesday 16 July 2014... 1) BOTTOM OF THE CLASS Well, when they said it'd be a major
David Cameron has nominated Conservative peer Lord Hill, most recently the leader of the House of Lords, to be Britain's