Lord Prescott

Chilcot report was a 'damning indictment of how the Blair government handled the war'.
The Iraq War was illegal, according to Lord Prescott, the deputy prime minister at the time of the 2003 invasion. The Labour
A Paris deal would be the final piece in the post-2015 global sustainability framework jigsaw. Such an agreement would also bolster the prospects of a carbon system emerging, from Asia-Pacific to the Americas, with potential to become a game-changing development in the fight against global warming.
LOOK: Miliband egged during 'walkabout' Labour's former deputy leader John Prescott says it has "massively failed" to get
Lord Prescott has suggested the Queen may be "overburdening" herself and should consider abdicating. Writing in the Sunday
In a galaxy far far away... well, in Hull, John Prescott became 'Darth Prezza', during a visit to the Yorkshire Kung Fu Championships
Ed Miliband's barnstorming conference speech has left many people wondering what "One Nation" is. But former Labour deputy
A former Labour minister in the Department of Work and Pensions has cautioned against drawing links between unpaid Diamond
Lord Prescott has accused the government of exploiting cheap labour after unpaid workers bussed into London for the Diamond
Former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott launched a campaign to "keep the police public" today, warning that bringing in
Former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott has kept his promise to take to the stage to celebrate 100,000 signing a petition
Lord Prescott set himself on a collision course with senior police officers on Monday, after he said elected police commissioners
News International has been forced to pay out hundreds of thousands of pounds to victims of phone hacking by News of the
Dozens of celebrities and politicians, including Jude Law and Lord Prescott, have now settled damages claims over the News
Lord Prescott demanded an apology from two government ministers today, after a Civil Service investigation cleared him of
Veteran DJ and broadcaster Jimmy Savile died on Saturday aged 84, just two days short of his 85th birthday. Politicians, celebrities
Lord Prescott has joined calls for the police officer who failed to reopen the hacking case in 2009 to resign, as John Yates