A UK-based charity has created a very special type of controller that has allowed a disabled 19-year-old to play computer
Denmark has been invaded. In Minecraft. A digital recreation of the country built from data provided by the Danish government
Because apparently there's a market for each of these. Who knew?!
There are a lot of pretty amazing things you can do in Minecraft - see the slideshow below for some of the best - but this
Minecraft is building an empire - brick by brick. The "pocket edition" of the game which grips youngsters for hours on end
At this point it seems like anything which can be made in Minecraft, has been made in Minecraft. Full replicas of fictional
It's here! The first trailer for the new Superman movie in Minecraft style, that is. Yes, the only thing geekier than either
Nintendo has announced that it will now profit from videos uploaded to YouTube that feature its games. The Japanese gaming
Notch, the creator of Minecraft, has released a new game - and it's likely to annoy you unless you're really confident in
A little while ago I stumbled across a rather inspiring blog post by Sir John Sorrell, the Chairman of the London Design