20/08/2017 21:34 BST | Updated 23/08/2017 19:51 BST

Microsoft's Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Is A Thing Of Pixellated Beauty

Love Minecraft? You're going to love this...

Microsoft has unveiled a special Minecraft Limited Edition Xbox One S during its Gamescom livestream.

Considering the millions of people who play Minecraft it’s frankly surprising that Microsoft has taken this long to honour the game with a special version of its flagship games console.

Now that it’s here though, we have to admit, it certainly makes an impact.


Unlike most limited editions though this isn’t just a new paint job. The Minecraft Edition features a completely new design with a transparent lower base unit and a physical pixel-like texture to the top of the console.

There’s also a completely custom-designed Xbox One controller as well and custom system sounds whenever you turn the console on or off.

While Minecraft started on PC its growth has been exponential moving quickly to smartphones, tablets, portable games consoles and then of course Microsoft’s Xbox One.

More recently the company decided to use Minecraft as a way of showing of its new HoloLens mixed-reality headset.


In addition to a new version of the Xbox One S, Microsoft have also confirmed it will be releasing a unique pre-order version of the Xbox One X, its new super powered 4K games console.

Similar to the Xbox One’s Day One Edition, the £449 Project Scorpio Edition is a subtle change in design that rather than screaming your dedication to video games is a subtle reminder that you jumped on the bandwagon before anyone else.

Finally with Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro looming in the background Microsoft has confirmed that over 100+ games (both currently available and upcoming) are going to be enhanced for the Xbox One X.

You can pre-order both the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S from Microsoft direct or, should you want to try and beat the rush Argos are actually offering pre-orders as well.

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