Many of the world’s most popular digital and video-games are played by children, from Fortnite to Minecraft. While both of these games are by and large child-friendly, kids are playing plenty of others that perhaps aren’t.
Worried about whether GTA or Fortnite are appropriate for your child?
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Despite the fact that the reward for winning is nothing more than bragging rights, plenty of guilds take this challenge seriously. As you can imagine, these guilds attract many applicants. The requirements to join a hardcore mythic progression guild are extremely steep. Let's take a look at some of these requirements.
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I called my sister last week for a chat. Her 6 year old son Frank was still awake despite it being past 9 o'clock. It had been an 'eventful day' my sister said and he was 'glued to the playstation' and just wouldn't go to bed...