Russell T Davies Claims BBC Would Have Been 'Stricter' About Protecting Baby Reindeer Characters' Identities

The Doctor Who boss has shared his take on the hit Netflix miniser.
Russell T Davies
Russell T Davies
Variety via Getty Images

Doctor Who boss Russell T Davies has opened up about his mixed feelings on the BBC’s editorial policy unit – and its notes on his work.

Russell is currently gearing up for the release of the new season of Doctor Who, which marks his return to the franchise after more than a decade.

In a new interview with The Times, the It’s A Sin creator admitted he “welcomes” notes from the BBC on his work, even if it “drives us mad” at times.

He also stated his belief that had Baby Reindeer been a BBC production, the corporation would have been “much stricter” than Netflix was when it came to masking the real-life identities of characters depicted in the hit miniseries.

“Compliance and editorial policy drives us mad here but I sleep at night,” Russell claimed. “I agree with those editorial notes when I get them... especially with something like Doctor Who, which you’re transmitting to children.”

Baby Reindeer creator Richard Gadd has repeatedly claimed that measures were taken to ensure viewers would not be able to decipher the real identity of his former stalker, who inspired the “Martha” character in his Netflix show.

Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning as Donny and Martha in Baby Reindeer
Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning as Donny and Martha in Baby Reindeer
Ed Miller/Netflix

Since its release, Richard and co-star Jessica Gunning have both spoken out against viewers using clues to try and work out the real people portrayed in the show.

“I think if that is happening, I think it’s a real, real shame, because it shows that they haven’t watched the show properly,” Jessica claimed. “That’s not the point of it in any way.”

Meanwhile, former daytime host Piers Morgan claimed earlier this week to have filmed an interview with the woman thought to have inspired the “Martha” character for his YouTube series Uncensored.


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