Russell T Davies

The actor on his dream of bringing queer Black historical figures into the limelight, and what the hype around Bridgerton got wrong.
From scrapped storylines, to Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes secrets.
During the commissioning process, one channel asked him to write a scene he did not agree with.
The Channel 4 show's creator said there was “always meant” to be another episode set in the present day.
Production designers Luana Hanson Interiors built around 165 sets for Russell T Davies’ hit Channel 4 drama.
TV show ‘It’s A Sin’, written by Russell T Davies, is proving incredibly successful with audiences, so much so it's already one of Channel 4’s most popular youth dramas. But whilst it’s a joyful romp through the music and the fashions of the Eighties, it’s also a retelling of LGBTQ history and an incredibly moving ode to the people lost in the early days of the AIDS pandemic.
From EastEnders' Simon Wicks to Michael Barrymore's Strike It Lucky.
Young people will carry the show's messages to future generations – here's what they learned.
“It started with whispers, rumours... almost gossip. It was terrifying, even at the beginning."
The writer came across several roadblocks when he first started pitching the drama to TV execs in 2015.