Russell T Davies

Young people will carry the show's messages to future generations – here's what they learned.
“It started with whispers, rumours... almost gossip. It was terrifying, even at the beginning."
The writer came across several roadblocks when he first started pitching the drama to TV execs in 2015.
“That’s the one thing I drew a line at because I don’t want it to look in any way glamorised."
“I’m not one to jump on to labelling,” the former How I Met Your Mother star said.
“A younger man might have said don’t put the Daleks in this, this is a serious subject."
Russell T. Davies' drama has aired without much fanfare, but it totally deserves it.
Emma Thompson leads an all-star cast in this dystopian drama that's actually full of hope.
The six-parter sees Britain rocked by political, social and technological changes. Sound familiar?