The Bafta winner opens up about the Netflix drama's final outing and why King Charles is such a "hard part to shake off".
The Bafta winner has admitted his first reaction to the scene was pretty much the same as everyone else's.
The Olympic diver was inspired by Gillian's role in the Netflix series Sex Education for his latest creation.
“Is this the sort of stuff he keeps saying he’s not allowed to say?”
The actor was criticised for wearing a prosthetic nose to portray composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein in the forthcoming biopic.
People can't seem to agree about whether the Squid Game spin-off is "gripping" or just plain "cruel".
The scenes in question have proved to be one of the most controversial aspects of the Netflix drama's final season.
During an appearance at Variety’s Power of Women event, the Duchess of Sussex was asked why she thinks the show has had such a boom in viewership.