A survivor of the Nairobi shopping centre massacre in Kenya says she owes her life to a teenage boy who died beside her after
So... what's the link? How did an ivory bracelet help cause this tragedy? How does dining with ivory chopsticks lead to the killing of pregnant women, families and children out shopping? The truth is that they are absolutely intrinsically linked.
Investigators are looking to confirm reports that a British woman was among the members of al-Shabaab that attacked the Westgate
Kenya says the terrorists who stormed a Nairobi shopping mall have been defeated, but three mall floors collapsed during
Former US president Bill Clinton has paid tribute to a "brilliant, dedicated" researcher from his charity, killed in the
British Muslims are worried about reprisal attacks in the wake of the Nairobi terror attacks, with a spike in the online
The attack and hostage-taking in Nairobi seems to have been led by the Somali-based Al-Shabab movement that is ostensibly 'retaliating' against the Kenyan contribution to the African Union peace-keeping force in Somalia. What is equally noticeable about the Nairobi case is that those cold-blooded killers allegedly started asking customers in the various shops of the mall for the name of the mother of the Prophet Muhammad.
Terrorists have shown little mercy for shoppers in Nairobi’s Westgate mall, but in a miracle amongst the massacre, the brutal
Its clear to see that as long as we continue to intervene in countries and create lawless regions our war on terror will keep on going as we provide the perfect setting for these extreme fascists to spread like a nasty disease
A British woman who has allegedly been involved in terrorism "many times before" was among the militants who laid siege to