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The top-line demand appears to be simple. Some 30 pages of pro-Corbyn coverage should be given to “voices who support the
We know that Jeremy Corbyn tenure as Labour leader hasn't been the most spectacular one on record. We know that his media strategy is poor and we know some senior Labour MPs are looking to the lifeboats - or have already jumped into them - in case the 2020 election goes badly.
So with my rant finished I shall look forward to my weekend litter picking, because I want to make my village look a little nicer, and let those miserable columnists continue to look down their collective noses a little while longer too. I know who will be having the most fun, and doing something worthwhile in the process.
Jeremy Corbyn is ahead by 15 points in the Labour leadership election, according to private polling witnessed by "The New
In an age of social media, where stories can go viral in much shorter spaces of time than before, one would think that it would become ever more important from an ethical point of view for stories to be contextualised and reported accurately.
It isn't a contradiction to be anti-war and left-wing at the same time as being pro-Kurd and in favour of arming the Kurds. I have been a long-standing opponent of western military interventions in the Muslim-majority world, almost all of which - from Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 to Libya in 2011 - have resulted in civilian bloodshed and terrorist blowback. But I'm not a pacifist.
Let me make a prediction. The so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria will be totalitarian, won't be Islamic and, in the words of the former US state department spokesman Philip Crowley, "has as much chance of survival as an ice cream cone in the desert". By declaring statehood, Isis may have sown the seeds of its own destruction.
A former archbishop of Canterbury has lambasted the "marketisation of politics" in Britain, blaming US Presidential-style
What's needed isn't bestselling feminism, or even radical feminism, but an ethical humanism more radical than feminism. A movement that actually demands change of the existing cultures and tries to get every human to act towards it, rather than the sort of change that inspires people to buy a different brand of beauty product.