Here is a full list of the 30 peerages announced by Downing Street today: CONSERVATIVE PARTY Richard Balfe - former MEP and
The five things you need to know on Sunday 26 May 2013... 1) 'I'LL GAG THE HATE CLERICS' That's the splash headline on the
The man who led Northern Rock bank to its near collapse has been 'elected' to the House of Lords. Viscount Ridley won a special
The partners of gay knights and peers could be given titles like those for wives of heterosexual men under plans going before
Robin Cook once commented that reforming the House of Lords was like Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot - "(it) never arrives and some are rather doubtful whether it even exists".
The Committee tasked with examining the draft Bill on Lords Reform has failed to reach consensus on even the basic principle that the Lords should be elected. Nine out of 26 voted against elections.
Members of the House of Lords owe more than £30,000 in unpaid bills for food and drink bought in the Palace of Westminster
Lord Hanningfield, the former Tory peer jailed for fiddling his House of Lords expenses, has been arrested by Essex Police
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The Government has been defeated in the Lords after peers insisted, by 251 votes to 219 (majority 32