A have-a-go hero has been pictured springing into action and pinning down a mugger just seconds after he swiped an 82-year
People retiring this year expect to receive some £3,000 a year less than those who retired in 2008, a study has found. The
The brain's capacity for memory, reasoning and comprehension can begin to decline from age 45, research has shown. Previous
Pensioners could be missing out on more than £1,600 each year by failing to claim their full entitlement of benefits and
An 82-year-old spent more than 30 hours on a motorway after getting lost driving an hour away to his daughter's house. Dennis
To almost anyone under 40 or so, it's as if pensioners are from a different planet - despite evidence to the contrary should you take the time to actually speak to one. It's not all Dame Vera Lynn and pre-decimalisation nostalgia. You can have whole conversations without the war cropping up even once.
Calls are being made for the Government to create a minister for retirement after a report found that the retired population
Those who live to 100 years and beyond are healthier and less likely to die of cancer than younger pensioners, new research
Around 40,000 people each year have a state-funded burial or cremation when they die "penniless", a charity has said. The
A widow has died after muggers stole her handbag which contained her husband's ashes. Nellie Geraghty, 79, was left critically