An Israeli reporter has been stabbed on the job while testing a "stab-proof" protective vest. Eitam Lachover was filming
A television reporter has stunned the world after reappearing on air just hours after being hit by a grenade. Hanna Mahameed
The situation surrounding Prime Minister David Cameron and the will-he-won't-he with the TV election debates is fairly amusing from the outside, but it provides a huge insight into how politicians actually view the press.
We feel for this reporter, we really do. In what was meant to be a relatively simple chat with stuntman (note: not a comedian
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Watching Fox News reporter Doug Luzader, heads down, not responding to questions from the anchor back in the studio, it's
Poor Bill O'Neil. His live report from Winston-Salem, North Carolina for local news service WXII 12 was going so well... until
Franny and Sofia might not have gone to journalism school yet, but there's not denying their natural talent on screen. Just
As a one-time Arsenal defender, Martin Keown has headed more than a few balls in his time - but more often than not, it was