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Torrential rainfall in south-east Spain has caused chaos, leaving three people dead and many stranded across the region. Airports, train stations and road networks have been closed, while military emergency services have been deployed to rescue citizens trapped on flooded highways. Severe weather warnings are still in place.
Routine road maintenance budgets have fallen from £1.1 billion in 2009/10 to around £701 million in 2017/18.
And it's actually more durable than regular road surfacing.
No more potholes - maybe.
How many more Londoners must die before City Hall gets a grip on this tragedy? In late September the Department for Transport
It's fair to say e-tolls in Gauteng have been a massive financial failure-- here's how they plan to resurrect the scheme.
This Christmas we will be toasting all the friends, family, doctors, nurses, hospital porters, police, air & ground ambulance staff, Deliveroo & Uber drivers and all the people who helped us and our family get (quite literally) back on our feet after our life was unexpectedly derailed.
There is also no requirement for cyclists to be registered anywhere in the same way that motorists have to register with the DVLA, so there is no way of really knowing if after a collision with a cyclist they really are who they say they are, unlike a motorist whose registration number would provide a lot of details even if they didn't.
An Italian village council sparked fury after erecting large road-signs warning anyone who enters the hamlet to respect its