The Rosetta mission has finally ended. After 12-years, the European Space Agency sent its spacecraft spiralling down onto
The Rosetta probe has crash-landed on to the surface of Comet 67P, concluding its 12-year mission to the mountainous mass
Others attached to the project and in the scientific community reacted with relief and astonishment. Professor Monica Grady
Despite disappearing from the limelight, Rosetta is still tracking comet 67P through the far reaches of space. In fact the
Scientists are about to turn on Rosetta's communication system in the hopes of getting a signal from the crash-landed Philae
If we are truly to achieve the science of tomorrow that will help us overcome the problems of today, we need to be bold. We need to be brave. We need to dare to dream. Beagle 2 reminds us to keep the dream alive. As for tomorrow, who knows? Let's keep dreaming.
One of my college lecturers challenged us with what felt like an impossible task - take a picture of the curvature of the Earth, using items costing less than £100.
Space looks awesome in 2014. So did spaceflight. Here's the highlights from the year of going to the final frontier.