Sarah Millican

At this time of year, there is an unwritten rule amongst us men: show no weakness. If your partner or children (whatever
Comedian Sarah Millican's #JoinIn campaign to help alleviate loneliness at Christmas - creating what is essentially one big
They tell me that I make them laugh. That say they like me. They tell me that I'm interesting, independent or 'unique'. (Which roughly translated means 'I'd rather take a bath in regurgitated cat sick than go out with you'.) However successful the dates, the follow up is much the same.
The inept clairvoyant of news This week has proven that in a land of lily-livers, the man who doesn't look that yellow is
For progress to be made, the BBC must fundamentally reassess the way it looks at female stand-ups. They are not a ratings tool but performers who can be just as hilarious as their male counterparts. Treating them as otherwise benefits neither the viewer nor the reputation of female comedians.
Forget those empty New Year's resolutions about silly diets and unattainable relationships and go and have a girly laugh instead! Here are just a few recommendations.
Funny lady Sarah Millican has announced she has married fellow comic Gary Delaney. The comedian took to Twitter to confirm
Father Christmas, Rudolph, the baby Jesus, the Three Wise Men… Christmas, as with so many historical traditions, is just
Comedian Rob Auton has won this year's Dave Funniest Joke Of The Fringe Award. But how does his one-liner - and the other
As the Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme gets heavier every year, it gets harder and harder to choose who to see. Much