A fisherman was left terrified after a shark clamped its jaws around his foot and bit a hole in his boat. The 7ft porbeagle
Seal flu could pose a new threat to human health, scientists have warned. A new flu virus identified in American harbour
They are not eligible to vote and most of them live thousands of miles away from the nearest EU country, so there was no reason for MEPs to even take an interest. Still the European Parliament took a key role in preventing thousands of seals being killed for use in luxury products.
WARNING: Graphic images which some readers may find disturbing A police investigation is underway after the severed heads
Remember The Fast Food Song by early noughties pop merchants Fast Food Rockers? Now that was an insanely catchy song. Terrible
The Gulf of St. Lawrence on Canada's Eastern seaboard is a wild, unforgiving place, subject to extreme weather and partially covered with sea ice for much of the winter. At this time of year, it's particularly important for harp seals, who haul out onto the sea ice at the end of every winter to give birth to their pups in one of nature's most remarkable events. Their mothers stay with the pups for a few short days, feeding them high fat milk, after which the adults head back to sea leaving the pups on the ice. However, the future of these seal populations is threatened. Climate change is reducing the extent to which the winter sea ice forms and the ice is melting ever earlier, meaning mothers have less ice on which to give birth. The helpless pups can die as their icy platform melts away.
So imagine you're a seal. As a seal, you probably fancy having some fish. But what if the fish is on land, flapping away
Almost 60 young seal pups have been injured by the stormy weather that has battered the UK this week, according to the RSPCA
Days after a curious seal hopped into the home of New Zealand woman Annette Swoffer, a video has emerged showing the pup’s
A woman in New Zealand could not believe her eyes when a seal pup wandering around her town made himself at home in her living
If harp seal populations are lost, the Canadian people will lose more than just a beautiful, iconic mammal. They will also lose any hope of benefiting economically from sustainable eco-tourism. For while the seal slaughter makes no economic sense, eco-tourism is a highly profitable and humane alternative.