Sex Diaries

With no LGBT sex education, I grew up copying what I saw in porn – adopting not just the techniques but the harmful stereotypes too.
I often struggle to feel sexually adequate in a body which falls short of our cis-centric society’s standards for ‘proper men’. This is what it’s like.
Another national lockdown has forced us apart, but late night phone calls are keeping that flame flickering until we can meet again.
My hygiene complex had always put me off trying. But after a chat with friends, I made teaching myself a new lockdown project.
The pandemic forced us back here. Now, the thought of my parents catching even a snatch of an excited moan is deeply, profoundly cringeworthy.
Some of the best sex of my life has been with people I barely knew. After a year of pandemic sexual limbo, I’m ready for that thrill again.
Having sex with someone you care about is one of the best things in the world. But I still find myself wondering what else might be out there.
In ten years of sex, I'd had less than ten orgasms. It took a video course and a lesson in self-trust for me to realise why.
When he was fired up, I was burning up with a fever. And when I felt less hot, and a little more hot and heavy, he’d had enough of my constant sneezing and sniffling.
I knew it wasn’t something he could control. But the worry of not being able to perform stopped him from even giving it a go.