Sherlock Holmes

Steampunk is the most famous new trend that you've never heard of. To those in the know it's been around for years. To me it feels like emo did in the mid-Noughties, just before it broke big: when you could see queues round the block but no-one in the media was talking about it.
Misquotations often tell us how we see things and people. Captain Kirk may never have ordered, 'Beam me up, Scotty', but the phrase encapsulates for a generation the leadership team of the Starship Enterprise returning from yet another mission.
1. The new Muppets movie is going to be awesome - After all, Kermit said so. The legendary frog (as well as director James Bobin, Fozzie and Miss Piggy) all showed up on the big screen for a live link-up with a packed crowd at Indigo2 and introduced a great clip from the upcoming movie featuring Kermit singing.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Benedict Cumberbatch is to star in Irish comedy Where There's A Will. Alongside the Sherlock star, Charlie