stay-at-home parents

Society doesn’t value the domesticity of a parent. No one is going to clap me on the back over lunch for my accomplishments.
Unfortunately, I don't have a solution for this gentleman - his inevitable financial woes or his apparent heart ache. And I think that's really because his entire life-arrangement was built on a trust which was founded in love. And now that the love is gone, there can be no trust and so the arrangement is worth nothing. How can you legislate for love lost?
As a joke, Illuminati started to write down even the simplest of tasks and posted his notes on his Tumblr account, Message
It is a parenting debate as old as ‘breast is best’, and it seems the working mum versus stay-at-home mum argument is rearing
In answer to the question, no women do not better parents than men. There are, of course, bad dads in the world and there are also bad mothers. I just don't think society gives men the opportunities to prove what great parents they can be. This is simply because the overwhelming responsibility for raising children almost always falls on women and this starts at birth.
'I am really f***ing proud of her and everything she’s achieved.'
A dad took to Facebook to defend his wife after she was belittled for saying she was a stay-at-home parent. Brad Kearns, 27
I admit, I miss the income I once had. I would like to make a greater contribution to the household budget. This, however, is partly down to the age of our children. Our youngest daughter starts school next year and I see light at the end of the tunnel. Until that time, I am quite happy with how things are. My wife is free to concentrate on her career while I have taken on the main responsibility for looking after the children.