Today we see many sustainable brands borne out of this love for vintage , Christopher Raeburn and Junky Styling London, to name but two. However, as the market demands clothing with a conscience more sustainable fabrics and ethical means of manufacture become available.
So how can consumers be persuaded to act? The first option is to explore generic insight into behaviour change. Unilever, for example, has defined five levers for sustainable living or tips to persuade consumers to act. Make it: understood; easy to act; desirable; rewarding; and habitual.
With rising populations creating more mouths to feed, newly affluent citizens in developing countries hungry for meat and other resource-intensive foods, growing global water stress and changes in climate, agricultural supply chains are facing unprecedented pressure.
By 2020 Amsterdam aims to be the world's first smart, sustainable city. And from waste management to green energy, bio-fuel to organic gardening and brewing, vintage clothing to intelligent, ethical recycling, the city and its people seem to be on track to realise their ambition.
While the majority of the country is up in arms about horse meat sneaking it's way into their microwaveable-freeze-dried-long-life-nuclear-treated fast food, I can't help but think, so what?
From castor oil to carpet tiles, Martin Wright explores an innovative approach that promises new markets for one of India's most resilient crops.
Today we celebrate volunteers and volunteering across the world. But for us this is not just a celebration of volunteers as a token, 'useful' contribution to enable the paid staff to carry on with their work; but as true partners, fellow family members working together to bring lasting change to people who are in pain.
When we launched our eco and ethical programme, Plan A, in 2007 we made some big bold product related commitments. For example, to get all our wood and fish from the most sustainable source possible. It wasn't the wrong thing to do but we were looking through the lens of 'issue' rather than 'product'.
had the good fortune to speak briefly with Ilse Van Alsenoy - Women's Merchandising & Design Director, Anit Van Eynde - Senior Director for Marketing and Marie-Helene Azar, Senior Manager of Media Relations about Levi's' heritage, it's vintage collection and Levi's and women! Here is what they had to say:
In the fourth part of our 'As If People Matter' series, we take the investor's perspective, as they too try and make sense