the lion king

"My siblings and I presented our parents with a puppy," writes Redditor ballroomaddict. "Decided to do so Lion King style
Dogs, eh? They're just like us! No, really. And if you're not convinced, just watch this new viral video. "My 3yr old chug
A night full of great songs, a talented cast and one or two outrageous moments, quite frankly, the Mormons had me at "Hello".
What's that? No, it's nothing. We just have something in our eye. Yes, move over cat who just wants to be petted. There's
There are no greater magicians in the modern age than the storytellers of Pixar, but they should not carry it alone. No-one at Pixar would claim that digital animation is the only way. They all fell in love with hand-drawn and stop motion work as children, and those mediums deserve their place still. They too can delight the child.
Two relics of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical success in the 80s are currently touring UK theatres in re-designed productions that bring us singing ghosts and dancing trains.
When we settle down in the cinema and lose ourselves in two hours of fantasy, romance and thriller, it’d be nice to know
These three baby meerkats have been named Timon, Pumbaa and Rafiki - after characters from the Disney film The Lion King
Poor Peppa Pig. Not only does she have to contend with being two-dimensional - she's also come under fire for her bad behaviour
If there's one movie pretty much everyone's looking forward to in 2012, it's Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. And