thomas carlyle

Whichever way the referendum goes, it's clear that brand Britain has become little more than a logo and a few slogans: good for selling clothing, perhaps, but hardly the basis for a successful political union.
Some men are born great. Others have greatness thrust upon them. Slightly abridged, but you'll recognize the line: Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, passing comment on how our natures and our circumstances influence how we step figuratively to the plate. Philosophically speaking, provocatively speaking, the line's also a bit of cheat in that it mashes together opposing schools of thought.
The advent of photography in the Victoria era provided an important new way for the bereaved to remember their dead. In many
This year all of London is a stage: from the pomp and pageantry of the Jubilee barge sailing regally down the Thames, to the heart pounding action of the Olympic Games. The biggest Shakespeare festival the world has seen is also being staged.
The debate around Scottish independence is one which the Scottish Nationalists have of late, like it or not, done an excellent job of defining, driving and dominating.
The Scottish National Portrait Gallery has recently reopened after a dramatic overhaul lasting several years. Founded in 1889, the Gallery has one of the largest collections of portraits in the world, but is often overlooked. Sitting on Edinburgh's Queen Street, it was formerly a quiet and cosy affair; a poor neighbour to the resplendent classical facades of the Royal Academy and National Gallery.