transfer deadline day

These are probably the only tweets worth reading today.
Liverpool fans were left without much to do Arsenal also got rid of Serge Gnabry Sadly we no longer see Harry Redknapp leaning
Close the window before the season, they said. Having it four games in is unfair, apparently, as it unsettles players, creates start of season uncertainty, leaves managers unable to build a solid plan for the season as they don't know who they'll have on hand... This is an argument I disagree with entirely.
With a few footballers and team managers having problems with the transfer window, many have taken a leaf out of Jermain
Inflatable penalty chutes? Monkey tennis? OR FIRE: Kim Jong Un? Or our favourite... SEE ALSO: Labour Party Politicians Work
With just over hours to go until the window shuts on transfer deadline day, football fans around the UK will be watching
David De Gea's move from Manchester United to Real Madrid is off after someone apparently failed to send off the requisite
Welbeck will get goals for Arsenal and it won't take him very long to find his shooting boots. £16 million what a bargain! Exciting times for Arsenal fans, if Arsenal are in a similar position to where they were last season come January and they actually decide to buy that strong holding midfielder everyone has been talking about then the title challenge is well and truly on.
Footballers' open letters: where have they all come from? Hatem ben Arfa is just the latest to pay his gratitude to Newcastle
You have spent £150million in a transfer window, won no competitive games as of yet, saw three of your four top defenders leave and decide to bring replacements in at the last minute, and lose 4-0 in a cup game to a League One side - good luck Van Gaal.