Traumatic brain injury

I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury that affected nearly every aspect of my body.
The six-year-old victim suffered serious injuries, including a broken back and brain trauma.
The National Institute of Forensic Sciences of Guatemala determined that 23-year-old Catherine Shaw died of haemorrhaging resulting from a traumatic brain injury. Shaw, from Witney in England, had last been seen near the town of San Juan La Laguna in the first week of March.
23-year-old Catherine Shaw died four to six days before she was found.
I can still remember the time I realised the nurses weren’t speaking a different language, I just couldn’t understand or process the words people were saying
I don't think anybody would disagree that support for parents following trauma should be offered as soon as possible. However, due to an extremely underfunded and overworked NHS, this support is rarely forthcoming.
Sleep deprivation will twist your feelings and muddy your thoughts like nothing else. I figured I forced her existence by having IVF and that my selfish need to be a mum was being punished. But it wasn't just me being punished, it was Paul too but mostly and worst of all, it was Elin. They were categorically the worst few months of my life.
It was with great sadness that we learned that, after his defeat to George Grove, German based Kazakh boxer Eduard Gutknecht had been rushed to hospital. Media reports suggest that he has had surgery on a bleed on the brain and is in a critical but stable condition. Whilst we await more official news, all in boxing wish him well.
It is only when we arrive at a time when the body, we thought we knew, may not be as reliable as we hoped that our perspective may be open to change. Hidden, darker thoughts may finally then emerge which we have kept locked away or we were never even aware of. Previously perceived security and certainty in the present moment is nakedly revealed for what it truly is; an entertaining illusion.