The actress/activist has been a controversial figure since she suggested Hillary Clinton was more dangerous than Donald Trump.
Special rapporteur warns government immigration policy may violate international law.
By staying as a Home Office competency, migration will inevitably be viewed primarily as a matter of law and order
'Watching your partner being tied to a tree, beaten or raped, on a plantation, is compliance.'
The letter is predominately backed by Labour MPs.
Instead of a bidding war on who can be toughest on immigration, defeating hateful hard-right parties means standing up to meddling anti-foreigner myths
Earlier this year, The House of Lords passed an amendment to the Higher Education and Research Bill that would remove international students from net migration figures. True to form, the government quietly removed this amendment in a pre-election 'wash up' when the bill was sent back to the House of Commons.
The Church recognises the right of a sovereign state to control its borders in furtherance of the common good. Crucially, it also recognises the right of human persons to migrate, so that they can realise their God-given rights. Too often our political debate revolves around numbers, and not values. Into the discourse must come Jesus's words: "Love they neighbour as thyself."
Ed Miliband's latest attempt to convince voters that Labour can tackle fears over immigration has been undermined by a row